A Center Initiative

Brandy Trigueros

The Dadabyte Theater

Curator’s Choice Award, 1st Place
Juror: Marina Chao, Assistant Curator, International Center of Photography

An ode to the Dadaists and Bauhauslers, “The Dadabyte Theater” explores the technologized body within the present Fourth Industrial Revolution. Utilizing in-camera auto portraiture, Trigueros reflects on the complexity of contemporary cyborg configurations in an attempt to find balanced modes of being in a hyper-connected, mechanical society dominated by technology. Autonomous machines of war, labor, pleasure, care, and other computational systems of control and comfort are being produced within this dizzying systemic capitalist merry-go-round. By using products of industry, Trigueros illustrates the constraints, contradictions, and complexities of our technological entanglement.

Watch Brandy's presentation here.

2020 Curator's Choice Award recipient, Brandy Trigueros portrait

Brandy Trigueros